Houston, we have a update. Sarah's website is currently going through updates! So, be sure to check back in the next couple weeks to see the full change (Posted April 23, 2015). Meanwhile everything will still be available as is, or in the process of editing. Thank you for your patience!

Hello, nice to meet you.

Welcome to the portfolio of Sarah Schroeder. Please explore and enjoy all of the design and illustrations she has to offer!


Sarah is an artist from Houston, Texas currently studying Communication Design at Texas State University, and recently her work has become increasingly focused on illustration. Having always been creative, from her first glimpses into the Disney animation studios as a child, Sarah has found her talents are best suited for a creative atmosphere.

Sarah loves nothing more than divulging into the beauty and detail work of ink on paper, creating characters, whimsical landscapes, writing stories, and pushing her abilities as far as her imagination will take her. When she isn’t busy with coursework, Sarah enjoys spending time creating her own projects in costuming, sculpture, painting, and doodling.

Sarah gathers her inspiration from comic books, graphic novels, books, film, and a wide variety of science fiction and fantasy, and is eager to find a new creative place to thrive and let her imagination grow after graduation.


A quick look at Sarah's projects.


Four Legged Critters is an illustration project with a prompt to illustrate our life story without using self portraits, but rather conceptual bits & pieces, dreams, or major events in our lives. 


A Marvel Idea is a Typography project for a hypothetical exhibition book on the topic of concept art for Marvel's The Avengers film. The book is meant to mirror modern day comics.


The Seven Deadly Galactic Sins is another illustration project prompted by the theme of the seven deadly sins and our choice of corresponding theme. My theme was the planets.


Art Pain Comics is a final book produced by the TSU Spring 2013 Graphic Novel class. We had freedom to create a four page spread to be printed by a Risograph in our choice of pink and blue color schemes.


The Lost Map is an Editorial project in which a location was chosen, real or fantasy, to be portrayed in an interesting way for a magazine spread. It is also used in DVD packaging.


PEPCON, the Pepakura Papercraft Conference, is a responsive web project in which we created a conference topic, design, and brand book to practice responsive code and design.


A gallery page filled with some of Sarah's watercolor projects ranging from studio work to commercial concepts.


Take a look at graphic projects from Sarah's early introduction to final works from the graphic novel course. 


A pop culture reference, the "things and stuff," page is filled with personal projects. Insight into Sarah's side projects.